• We want to assure you that¬†Lennertson Sample Company is taking the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. Our customers, employees, and their families are our top priority and at the forefront of our business. We value community and offer our skills and time to help in any way we can. We believe in the resilience¬†of Americans and know that together we will overcome this.
    The textile industry is continuing to persevere during what is a very trying time for a lot of businesses. We are currently open and operating with short turn-around times. Our open floor plan allows us adhere to distancing requirements between employees implemented by local, state, and federal government. Sanitation stations have been developed and implemented, and as a team we are working together to protect ourselves and others from this virus. As the climate around us rapidly changes we will take all steps necessary to abide by local regulations for businesses during this time.
  • – Daniel Lennertson¬†