Sample Cards: Your Options Finding the right quantity, size, printing, paper stock and options for your sample cards.

Sample Cards: Your Options

Sample Cards Lennertson Sample Company is one of the leading Sample Cards producers in the industry. We manufacture sample cards more than any other product, making Lennertson Sample Company extremely competitive in our pricing and turn-around times. Our sample cards are versatile tools that offer nearly any quantity, size, printing specs and card stock. If you are considering sample cards, contact us and we can help you get started. Or fill out a quote online and hear back within a business day.


There is no minimum or maximum quantity for sample cards, however we do have an order minimum for pricing. We produce high, mid-range, and low quantities of sample cards. Sample cards are highly customizable on SKU quantity. Whether you want to showcase one or one hundred fabrics, a sample card is a great way to do this.


There is no standard size for sample cards, and we are happy to help you choose which size would work best. The most common sizing is 8.5” x 11”, or 2 or 3 panels that fold to 8 ½” x 11”. Larger and smaller sizes are possible, as well as all the folding styles like gatefolds, bi-and tri-folds, accordion, etc.   Some cards are made specifically to fit into business-size or catalog envelopes. Whatever size you need, we can manufacture it.


Sample Cards can be printed in-house or you can provide your printing for our use, if you prefer.  We offer excellent quality in-house printing. Our state-of the-art printing capabilities give your tools the high end appearance you require, with an exceptional turn-around rate, and lower cost than offset printing. We offer the following digital printing options:

Black Ink Only

1-3 Color Printing

Full 4 Color process printing

When offset printing is preferable because of size, ink coverage, or a need for coatings, we have long-time relationships with the best sources, the printers that other printers go to, and we can manage every aspect for you with efficiency.

Paper Stock

We can print in-house on card stocks ranging in weight from .010-.018, or 80lb to 140 lb cover, heavy enough for fabric, leather, vinyl and more. We offer lamination on one or both sides, coated or uncoated stock, die-cutting, hole punching, eyeletting and grommeting.   Need a particular card stock to match existing branding? Great, we can help with that too.

Edges and Options

Sample edges can be either pinked or straight cut. Any sewing is done in house with high quality, very fine clear filament thread rendering it virtually invisible.Samples can be mounted on the sample card in a variety of ways. The most common being:

Feeler Style (Top ¼ of swatch is glued down, leaving the bottom to free float so it can be felt and manipulated between the fingers.)

Island Style (Exactly as it sounds, each swatch sits independently not touching any other sample on the card.)

Waterfall Style (Each sample is waterfalled or shingled on top of one another cascading down the card, or sometimes horizontally.)

Butted Chip (Each sample is mounted so that it butts up to neighboring SKUS on the sample card.) Also called battle ribbons.

Ready to get started or overwhelmed by the options? No problem, just give us a call. We make textile sampling…easy. 1.800.231.1129

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