price quotePricing a sample card, book or header is much like obtaining a price quote for a printing job. There are so many variables that almost every order is unique, so there isn’t a price chart that can be made to cover every possible combination.

You will need to have a general idea of the item you want to have priced. The needed information always includes the quantity or quantities you want pricing for. Then you’ll want to provide the size, or at least the approximate size, of the card, book or other item. You might be able to provide us with a rough mockup (drawing or existing item, with or without swatches), or a photo or existing example of a sample book, card or header that you are using for your guide. A mockup is always helpful both for accurate pricing, and later for preventing production errors.

If the order will include printing, then we will need to know the number of ink colors, whether it is printed on one or both sides, and the type of stock. A standard white, heavy, coated card stock is suitable for most orders, so we keep the Carolina brand on hand. If you want uncoated stock, texture, or color, just say so and we’ll find you something you’ll like. Finally, remember to mention any hole punching, lamination, scoring and folding that is needed.

For the swatching, while there are many styles of swatches, the only factors affecting pricing are the size, and whether the samples are folded. If a card has a large feeler sample, or if a card or book has different swatch sizes, that should be described. In books, hangers and ring samples, one other factor is the labeling—these can be bottom strips, patches, or frames surrounding the samples.

Don’t be concerned about covering every base. If your representative finds anything missing in your price request, they’ll call or e-mail you about it so the quoting can proceed. Of course, you can also call us with your specifications. We’ll ask about all the details, or perhaps make suggestions. And, we’re always happy to have a chat and get to know you.

Overwhelmed? Visit our "Get a Quote" page. We made the process simple for you. Or just call us.

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