It might seem that modern photographic and computer technology would be capable of making fabric swatches obsolete.  After all, you can take a high resolution photo of a piece of fabric, scan it to a computer, and have a nice, clear representation of the fabric that can be viewed, shared or printed as many times as you like.

But, is the color you see on your monitor always true to the actual color of the fabric, faithfully reproducing its subtle tint, shade or tone?  When your customers view it on their various monitors, will it look exactly the same?  Would you want them to print it, on whatever color printer they happen to have, and use it to coordinate a color scheme for a wedding, for team uniforms, or for a bedroom?

Of course not!  There is no substitute for a sample of the actual fabric, if you want to ensure customer satisfaction.  Only by viewing and handling the textile itself can its many attributes, such as texture, luster, elasticity, weight and drape be definitively known.  Only the fabric itself can demonstrate the effects of various lighting on its appearance, and the kind of movement that can be expected in a drapery or a suit.  Your customers know what they want—why take a chance by failing to provide the sample that can eliminate so many potential reasons for disappointment? It isn’t difficult to offer a set of swatches, a sample card or a fabric book to your clients.  Come to the experts at Lennertson Sample Company, and we will minimize your effort while maximizing your customer satisfaction.

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