Hanging Samples


Lennertson Sample Company is a leading producer of Hanging Fabric Samples in the US. Hanging Fabric Samples are a versatile sampling option, allowing you to manipulate, fold, and demonstrate the way a fabric can be used in it's presentation. Hanging Samples are uniquely capable of showcasing flexible swatch sizes. Anything from dime sized to several feet can be hung. We offer edging options such as pinked or straight cut edges.

Individual hanging samples are often used by designers to showcase their fabrics in a larger scale so their customers can manipulate the fabric to envision their end goal such as wrapping a piece of furniture.

Presentation hangers, or display hangers, are another hanging option. Presentation hangers come in plastic or metal. There are many options for the hanger color and size.

Fabric cords are another option for our hanging fabric samples. This alternative has a softer aesthetic appeal and fabric Cords come in nearly any color.

Fabric Hang Tags

To put it simply, we are the best hang tags manufacturer in the industry; if you can imagine it, we can create it. You don’t have to limit your choices. We can quickly handle basic and simple, if that’s what you need, or we can create something more complex. Fabric Hang tags offer flexibility is size, shape, color, fonts, printing process, and one or multiple tags together.

Best Service with Affordable Pricing

Most of our printing and production is done in-house, which means we can keep our pricing lower. We have the competitive pricing on quality samples, hang tags, swatch books and presentation boards to ensure you make the best first impression with your customers. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help you with any questions. If you would like your products to stand out, give us a call today.

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