Our Origins


Our History

Lennertson Sample Company started up in 1902. Originally known as Schwarz Sample Company, we had our beginning in the then-thriving garment district of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Starting before computers and the internet were existent, Lennertson Sample Company is the oldest sample manufacturer in the US. The company was up and running a year before the Wright Brothers made their famous flight at Kitty Hawk.

Over the century the business evolved and switched hands to Richard and Jean Lennertson; St. Louis residents, aviation enthusiasts and practicing CPAs. They continued on the sample legacy until their untimely passing, at which point Lennertson Sample Company switched hands to their son, Daniel Lennertson, CEO.

Daniel Lennertson, husband of over 35 years, father to four daughters and 8 grandchildren has made his life work running Lennertson Sample Company. Over the years his four daughters have all worked in the company and his wife, Theresa as well. Lennertson Sample Company is a proud example of a family owned business in the US that has withstood the test of time.

Over the years Lennertson Sample Company was moved from downtown St. Louis to the quaint german town of Hermann Missouri where it is nestled in the rolling hills on the Missouri River. In those passing years; a small community became employed and strengthened by the company, pen and paper transactions shifted to computers and advanced technologies, and today Lennertson Sample Company is operating online and can be found on social media platforms and search engines around the world.

Today, Lennertson Sample Company is still going strong, as a space station is operating far beyond the reach of Orville and Wilbur’s wildest dreams.

Our Vision

We believe that to succeed for more than 100 years, a business must possess the rare combination of a product that can adapt to serve evolving needs, and the continuing ability to produce that product competitively in any market conditions. Imagine the flexibility and drive that it took to keep a business going throughout two World Wars and the Great Depression. Our company records from those days show a tiny budget, by today’s standards, but they also reveal the kind of professionalism and attention to detail that it took, and still takes, to survive.


The explosive growth that followed in the second half of the twentieth century presented a different kind of challenge. By focusing on serving our customers’ changing and growing needs, we met that challenge too, and we have continued to thrive through every kind of business cycle since. Our move to Hermann, MO, in 1995 has provided us with an excellent workforce and more efficient facilities. We are well-positioned to deliver the prompt service and quality products our customers need and deserve in order to compete successfully. Your future is our future, so partner with us as we commit to meet and exceed your expectations for many years to come.
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