27 Here at Lennertson Sample Company, we have been doing business for a long time – since the beginning of the 20th century before the Wright Brothers built the first airplane. Many manufacturers of apparel and textile items can support their sales efforts and produce a decent bottom line with the help of our sample sales tools.

We Can Help You Sell

We only have changed hands once during our time in business and still remain a sample cards company. Not only do we present sample cards for display, we also provide customers with fabric sample books manufacturer aids as well. Therefore, you can rest assured, if you are selling apparel, curtains, upholstery or similar materials, that the Lennertson Sample Company can assist you in your selling needs.

Custom Cards

We like the fact that the cards that we produce enable our clients to stand out from the competition and highlight their materials and textiles to best advantage. When you choose our business for your textile sales aids, you will come to understand how well-versed we are in all aspects of the industry. We have been offering continued service for over a hundred years. That is why we can make your samples one-of-a-kind cards. Sample cards are a mainstay of our business, and we produce the highest quality cards with minimum hassle. Besides our cut samples of fabric, we also provide such sales amenities as swatch books, presentation boards, hangers, and hang tags – all customized to your specific need.. We offer die-cut, waterfall, island, and feeler and butted-chip styles. We are equipped to work with varied materials, some of which include leather, vinyl, faux fur, meshes and sheers. If you want to secure a good first impression, then you need to align yourself with our company. When we create our samples, we focus our effort, knowledge and resources to produce the desired effect.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Therefore, whether you want the most basic or the most elaborate samples, either way, we will assist you in standing out from the rest in your particular industry. If you want to stay competitive with respect to quality and pricing, then you need us here at

Lennertson Sample Company

to create your samples and hang tags. Now that you know how we can make you stand out, we want you to know that we too like to "stand out" in terms of our focus on satisfying you, our loyal and dependable customer. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We will never stop changing with the times and adapting ourselves to the new technologies. Our company uses innovative, state-of-the-art equipment in the manufacture of our sample products – your assurance of customer satisfaction.

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