Fabric Swatches and Order Quantity Guidelines

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Fabric Swatches

Fabric Swatches are one of our most requested sampling products at Lennertson Sample Company. Over the past 114 years we have filled orders for many millions of fabric swatches, produced in quantities from a handful, to hundreds of thousands at a time.

Fabric Swatches can be customized to any of your needs. We can make swatches from any fabric whether it is heavy vinyl or fine lace, and can range in size and shape. Edges can be straight cut or pinked. All of our serging and sewing is done with clear high-quality filament thread to make stitching virtually invisible.

Lennertson Sample Company is unique in the textile sampling industry for our ability to handle both large and small sampling product orders. Whether you need 10,000 in every color and style you offer, or only 10 samples, we can give you a competitive quote for your product. Our cutting of Fabric Swatches is surprisingly quick and highly accurate, in any size, with minimal wasted fabric. When you order from Lennertson Sample Company, we will send you attractive, neatly packed product in a timely fashion.

Fabric Swatches 2 While Lennertson Sample Company has no minimum for quantity of Fabric Swatches we do have a very reasonable order minimum price. We have some of the best sales experts in the industry at Lennertson Sample Company waiting to help you. Think your order is too small or large? Try us. Our guess is you will find how flexible we can be, and how easy we make the process for you.

If you have any questions about Fabric Swatches go ahead and give us a call at 800.231.1129. Or Contact Us and we can have a sales expert contact you within one business day.

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